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Five Star Estate with Five Bedrooms & Five Living Rooms

A Private Retreat in the California Desert

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Outdoor Dining

Game Room

Outdoor Areas


"The mysterious Desert Doghouse is finally revealing its secrets. And of course we had to be among the first to cross the storied threshold and experience its infamous allure."

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Living Room / Cinema

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Dining Room



Outdoor Areas

Celebrating the "Art of Hosting"

All Your Friends around One Table

Very few properties have a national reputation and an aesthetic allure that magnetizes movie productions, TV commercials, vacationing Rock Stars and international media quite like the Desert Doghouse.

However, you need not be the Rolling Stones or the Killers to experience its' uniquely wild vibe and setting. Offering short-term rentals for groups of up to 14 people, the Desert Doghouse consistently delights guests and earns glowing 5-star reviews.

In the words of MAXIM Magazine: "Of course it’s fun to try and figure out which movie star frolicked with which supermodel under the antique chandelier in the Vynil Room. But it’s even more gratifying to now have the opportunity to create some legends of your own."


"As luxurious as the desert gets."


"A chef's kitchen and 14 person dining table replete with 360 degree views of the sweeping desert landscape. It's a great escape for family, friends or couples and also an impressive site for a celebration."


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Sky Room Wet Bar

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Game Room Pool Table

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An Oasis of Style in the California Desert

You Deserve
a Treat

A house built to host: 5 bedrooms, 5 living rooms. The Sky Room with its large patio, the library, a game room with grand piano and pool table and a fully equipped kitchen with 12' marble island offer enough room to host the most special gatherings. 

Discover a House like No Other

A short 2 hour drive from L.A., nestled in the hills between Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, an architectural gem is continuing to make history.


"You will see oil paintings of nattily dressed dogs over the dining room table and a phone dedicated exclusively to summoning champagne. But that's just a fraction of the unusual details crammed into this house in California's Joshua Tree."

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Outdoor Shower

Lounge Area

Outdoor Dining

"This palatial property would absolutely be our first purchase if we were a villainous billionaire."

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Come for the Views, Stay for the Art

The house never stops enchanting with its collection of lit-up crystal mirrors, chandeliers and individually lit artwork. Furniture and accessory lovers will not be able to stop looking.  The art itself would be worth the trip, but the sweeping desert views make this curated experience even more delightfully surreal.

The house has been used for dinner parties, formal events, family gatherings, short term rentals and as a filming location. Feel free to stay up to date by following us on instagram @desertdoghouse.

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